Preserved History - Photo Scanning Service

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Photo Scanning Price Details

Photo Restoration


*Minimum purchase of $100 required.


Photo Scanning/Digitizing

1-500 Photos = $0.20/photo

501-1000 photos = $0.17/photo

1000+ =$0.15/photo

[*Minimum purchase of $25]

USB Drive

32 GB = $9.95


VHS Conversion

30 minutes or less: $14.99 per tape to DVD
31 – 124 minutes: $20.00 per tape to DVD

+19.99 for usb drive conversion*




*USB drive included

There are many reasons to have your family's aging photographs scanned digitally. Here are a few:

Preserve photographs from fading
Digital photos can't be ruined in a fire or flood
You won't have to worry about losing your family photos
Organize your home! Get rid of the clutter of boxes of photographs
Easily share photos with family members
Don't worry about who from the next generation gets the family photo albums
Easily categorize your family photos into organized folders